What to Expect

My Coaching Style


I believe you are wonderful. As your coach I want you to know I believe in you and see the good in you. I look at you as a whole person, not a diagnosis or problem. I know you try very hard and want to make good choices for your health. Sometimes it takes someone to be with you through the process of making a change to help hold you accountable and empower you to achieve things you never thought were possible. Coaching is not usually a lifelong relationship, but rather one that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. 


Consider the mountain guide and the hiker. The hiker wants to hike the mountain but sees it as huge, daunting and scary. He hires a mountain guide to help him make it up the mountain and achieve his dream. The mountain guide cannot hike the mountain for the hiker, but he can help with every obstacle the two come across on the journey up the mountain. The mountain guide can encourage, support and push the client to dig deeper, however, the success of making it up the mountain relies on the hiker's internal motivation because he WANTS to climb the mountain. Knowing the guide is there helps the hiker to continue up the path, but in the end, the hiker is the one who has made it to the top!


Let me be a mountain guide for you and we will work on whatever the mountain is in your life (decreasing stress, eating better, becoming more active, following your doctor's recommendations, sleeping better, adjusting to a cleaner lifestyle, etc.).


I work with people who are ready to make a change or want to continue on their journey to sustainable health. I love involving your doctor to help you achieve optimal wellness for you given your unique circumstances and diagnosis.


Read this post for what to expect from your coaching sessions.


My Approach


I will work closely with your Functional Medicine doctor to help you to be successful on the treatment path he or she has determined is best for you. When I join your treatment team I will be your advocate and cheerleader. I will meet you where you are in life and help you to figure out how to make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary for optimum health. This may be sustaining a food plan your doctor has you on or figuring out how to be compliant with stress relieving activities like brain exercises or yoga. 



The Process


  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions via phone or virtually through Zoom

  • Customized sessions tailored around you

  • Setting low-stress, manageable goals that work with your lifestyle to keep you moving forward

  • Feeling empowered to take responsibility for your health

  • Receiving on-going support between sessions via HIPAA compliant app

  • Tracking custom metrics important to you and your journey via the Better app

  • Booking sessions through Better app

What is Functional Medicine?



Functional Medicine is a wonderful field of medicine that looks at the root issues of disease. Our current medical system treats the leaves of the tree, so if you have a heart problem you see your cardiologist or a problem with your stomach you see your gastroenterologist. With functional medicine, we don't discredit these specialists, but we seek to know the reasons behind the condition you are experiencing. We look your bodies fundamentals like your sleep, stress, relationships, movement and food choices. When we make changes to our root issues many times other conditions in the body improve. As a coach, I cannot diagnose or treat you but I can partner with you as you make changes to your body to improve the roots of your health and provide guidance along the way. 


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