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How to Attend a Holiday Party with a Limited Diet

December 2, 2017



This time of year can be especially challenging if you have a restricted diet that you follow. There are more parties, potlucks, and social events around food this time of year than any other time of year. For any event that you are invited to I have a few key tricks that I do to make it so I can get by without falling off my food plan or getting sick.


  1. Eat before you go. Always eat a good meal before you go to a gathering, even if the party is a dinner party. You are never sure of what the host will have so this is the best bet (unless you talk to them beforehand and form a plan in your head of what you will be able to consume). If you show up hungry you will be more tempted to eat something that does not benefit your body and may have ramifications for weeks if you have a bad reaction.

  2. Bring something you can eat. I really enjoy bringing bacon wrapped dates or a veggie platter when we go to events. This way, while everyone else is munching on snacks I am guaranteed to have at least one thing I can also nibble on during the party.

  3. Bring something you can drink (and more to share). My current favorite is a fruity carbonated beverage called Spindrift, which is sold at Target and other retailers. The thing I love about Spindrift is they don’t use the dreaded “natural flavors” and are instead flavored by real actual fruit. I love to pour it in a fancy glass too!

  4. Set your priorities. Instead of walking into a room focused on the food and what you can or can’t eat, set your attitude and priority to focus on the people. Enjoy who you are with and the love and laughter that fills the room. Maybe make a new friend or connect with someone you already know on a deeper level. As humans we crave human connection so set your focus on that and make the food and drinks secondary.


This is a beautiful time of year that should be celebrated. I hope these tips will make your next social event or holiday gathering more manageable so you can have fun and enjoy the festive season.







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