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What to Expect When You Hire A Health Coach

October 26, 2017

Are you interested in hiring a health coach but don't know what to expect? You've come to the right place.


Before you hire a coach, you may ask to have a phone call to them to determine if you are a good candidate for coaching. This phone call is usually free and helps to determine if your personalities click, but it also determines if you are ready to make changes in your life. You will discuss your goals and what you'd like to change about your health. Identifying that you want to make a change is the first step and being willing to take action is where the rubber meets the road. Until you are ready to put action behind your goals, you are not ready to work with a coach. You don’t have to know what the action is or how, but you do need to be willing and able to take a step forward. Many people decide they want to lose weight, but are you willing to change what you eat or how you eat?


From there, you can decide how much support you are are looking for from your coach and purchase their package that fits for you. Most coaches offer a few options to best meet their client’s needs. Your first coaching session will usually be a little longer than regular sessions because this session is dedicated to getting to know you and what your health has been like since you were little. Your coach will gather information about you. All of these questions help the coach to formulate a timeline of your life and understand who you are so they can help you to achieve your goals. They will also gather information verbally or in your intake paperwork about your current goals and why you are seeking a coach.


At the end of the first session you will co-create a plan for you to do until your next session. You will decide together what is reasonable and achievable. This is the time to be open and honest about what is happening in your life.


Your coach is not a doctor or a counselor, he or she does not diagnose you or help you to reprocess painful memories, your coach is a coach. He or she will challenge you and push you past your comfort zone. They will support you and recognize what you do well. They will remind you of your goals and help you to stay on target to achieving them. Your coach is a great person to brainstorm and problem-solve things in your life that can be challenging. For example, navigating eating with a restricted food plan in public can be really hard, but when you have come up with a game plan ahead of time with your coach, the impossible is now completely doable.


Your health coach can send you resources and teach you general education about food, lifestyle, and processes in the body. Your coach may be good at reducing stress and incorporating guided mindfulness exercise into your sessions or they may be really good at teaching you how to cook and providing recipes. Not all coaches are the same. Each coach has a different background and areas in which they are very comfortable and knowledgeable, so find one that can support you in your healing journey.


Studies show people can better follow their doctor’s recommendations when they work with a coach and that their results are sustainable for long after the coaching relationship has ended! This is very encouraging because it means you won’t need a coach forever. You will learn many tools to help you make positive choice to support your body throughout your life. Of course, your coach is there for you for as long as you need him or her.


At your second session and every session going forward you will discuss what’s happened since the last session and develop new goals. Your coach may introduce different activities to help you discover your priorities or identify things in your life. He or she will also begin to track your progress using a scale of 1-10 or other measures. These scales of progress will be good to reflect on as the weeks go on. While you are working with a coach you will be making small changes that eventually add up to something big. Often, it is hard to notice that anything has changed because it has been gradual over time, but your coach will remind you of your progress and reinforce how great you are doing.


The coaching relationship can be magical. You and your coach have one goal: to help you achieve your health/wellness goals. Your coach will support you in your low moments and celebrate with you in your high moments. No relationship on earth is the same as the relationship you create with your health coach.


If you are interested in starting coaching or have questions, please let me know! There is never a better day to take action than today.





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