December 28, 2018

As a health coach I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. I think people come too hard out of the gate on January 1st without setting themselves up for success with support and realistic expectations. Eating healthy, losing weight, and saving money are all great goals, but without good planning lead to disappointment and quitting. In 2017, only 9% of people completed their resolutions, the rest of us forgot what they were!

I do like the idea of having a theme for the next season of life.  I’ve already been working on this one for the tail end of 2018, so it’s not a difficult one for me to continue.  I also love that this theme is not set to the year, but instead set to a season of my life.

For now, I am prioritizing joy. I am choosing to say yes to things that bring me joy and fill me up and say no to things that no longer add to my life.

Here are a few things I’m loving doing:

- Switching up my gym to something new and fun

- Watching more movies that make me laugh

- Giving myself permis...

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